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National Geographic Africa ryggsekk


Pris: 1899
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Tilgjengelighet: 4-7 dagers leveringstid
National Geographics Africa fotoskulderbager er myntet på behovet i “den urbane jungel” laget i solide bærekraftig materialer uten bruk av plastmaterialer. Deres bager har mange rom, og polstrede lommer som kan løftes ut sammen med innholdet.
National Geographic Africa ryggsekk
Forlag/produsentNational Geographic
Innvendige mål (Br x dy x Høy )29 x 8 x 41
Vekt i gram935

The Africa NG A5250 Small Rucksack/Shoulder Bag* will carry all your essentials, keeping your photographic/video gear, as well as a laptop, safe and secure and allowing ample room for personal effects. *Patent pending.

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Produsentens informasjon:
The urban jungle of the 21st century is the source of a growing social phenomenon which relies on media to stay in touch and connected. Walking down a street, hanging out with friends, or exploring new cities on vacation, we all want to capture the moments and share them instantaneously! This is why we carry cameras, phones, and laptops wherever we go.National Geographic's new Africa Collection of media bags is designed to suit this urban jungle lifestyle by merging stylish, everyday personal bags with dedicated protective accommodation for media gear so that you never again need to leave anything at home.

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