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Buteo Lens warmer 2, 4 pockets

Pris: 250
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Tilgjengelighet: 2 på lager
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Buteo Lens warmer 2, 4 pockets
Forlag/produsentButeo Photo Gear
Mål8.5 cm x 44.2 cm (WxL)
Vekt i gram60

Buteo Lens warmer 2, 4 pockets
Buteo Lens warmer 2, 4 pockets
Buteo Lens warmer 2, 4 pockets

Tilbehør til Buteo Lens warmer 2, 4 pockets.
Warmers for lens warmer
Pris: 29

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Lens warmer 2, 4 pockets

Our lens warmer type 2 is suitable to prevent condensation while it is night or when it’s cold. Do you often also have these problems that when you try to make recordings when it’s cold and your front lens get covered by the cold and that you have blurry pictures?

In this case our lens warmers are the perfect accessories for you to make great pictures while heavy weather circumstances!

How to use this is very easy, you need to put in the pockets from the lens warmers some hand warmer packs (to be ordered separately) and adapt the lens warmer around your objective that you want to protect against condensation.

De top from the lens warmer is our home made forest pattern camouflage and the inside is black coated for an optimal protection and strength. To adjust the lens warmer we have put a handy Velcro closure that will take care if it is suitable for a lot of middle big fixed focal points lenses and zooming lenses till about 70-200 mm

Because the warmth is slowly given to the front lens it won’t condensate and your pictures will be as sharp as possible from all the designs you’ve made in cold circumstances.

Format: 8.5 cm x 44.2 cm (WxL)
Weight: 60 gram
Material: polyester

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